Lawn Renovation

Appleseed Lawn renovates lawns with rhizomatous tall fescue (RTF) turf and seed—a dynamic new grass that will set industry benchmarks for efficiency and sustainability. Watch your water bills shrink as your beautiful new lawn digs deep into the soil to create its own network of life and nutrients.

First, we’ll work with soil to create optimal growing conditions. We will rototill and cultivate your existing lawn and add active, living compost to the soil. The old lawn will then become food for the new root system as it is composted by the newly introduced soil microbes. We will also test your soil to determine which other amendments to add, improving soil structure and encouraging further microbial activity.

If you want your new lawn right away, we have RTF turf available. If you don’t mind waiting a few weeks, why not save 33% of the cost and try RTF seed? Seed has a 90% germination rate within the first 8-12 days, so your new lawn will be established in just three short weeks. 


Lawn care

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