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There’s nothing like that first really nice Saturday each spring. The lawn is starting to green up and the sun is high, so you head outside with a cold drink and a rake to show your property some love. And it’s great—for a little while. After a few afternoons the luxury fades, and taking care of your lawn turns into a chore.

Once the summer heat picks up, you start dumping so much water all over your lawn to keep it green that the water bills become unbearable. Still, you don’t want to be the only one on the block with a brown lawn, so what else can you do?

Call Appleseed Lawn.

Grass is what we do. It’s our thing—and we’re good at it. We’ve been working for almost 30 years to develop the best systems, with the best grass and the best products. Do you remember when all the other lawn care companies went downhill after it became illegal for them to use pesticides? Appleseed has never used pesticides, so we’ve been developing the best organic methods for decades longer than the other guys.

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