The Story of Appleseed Lawn

In 1987, homeowners were spending a lot of time and money on their lawns, so we created Appleseed Lawn to engage this demand. We quickly learned that the traditional lawn care industry was broken.

Kentucky bluegrass, the typical turf, looked good in the spring but was weak in the summer unless it was watered a lot. It was a prime target for grubs and chinch bugs, and when these insects swept through a neighbourhood, it was very good for the traditional industry—not customers—because it meant more sod, seed and chemical sales.

As you might suspect, we didn’t like chemicals either. It didn't make sense that chemicals could kill weeds, insects and fungus but were completely safe for kids and pets to roll around on. Of course, that’s because they weren’t.

An organic approach

By 1990, Appleseed Organic Lawn Care was making its own fertilizers, and we introduced drought-resistant grass varieties into the typical Kentucky bluegrass lawn. We had success, but something was still missing from our program. We knew that there had to be a way—some way—to make lawns more sustainable and less burdensome.

Three years ago, our hunch was rewarded when we discovered that deep-rooted fescue grasses could save water and maintenance time, while naturally fending off invasive insects and weeds. After some experimentation, we found a type of grass that was particularly well-suited for use as a turf.

the future of the lawn industry

It’s time for you to stop worrying about your lawn. Appleseed Lawn is pleased to introduce rhizomatous tall fescue (RTF) grass to the Ottawa area. This deep-rooted fescue grass will reach into the earth to find its own nutrients, maintaining a deep, rich green throughout midsummer brownouts. You’ll save time—and money.

Appleseed Lawn works with the soil first. We introduce amendments that stimulate the natural microbial activity that ALL lawns should have and hardly ANY lawns do in fact have. Your lawn will have billions of workers beneath the surface finding the nitrogen and other nutrients that are already in your soil ready to nourish your grass. That means fewer trips to the garden centre. 

Restoring the natural life in your lawn's soil will protect it from grubs and chinch bugs, and keep it beautiful all summer long with minimal effort on your part—we guarantee it, or we'll replace it at no charge.

OUR System

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