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For years, landscaping companies have been renovating lawns with Kentucky bluegrass turf. Although the grass looks nice, it’s an easy target for grubs and chinch bugs. It also browns easily in the summer without frequent watering, which can quickly run up your water bill. For these reasons, Kentucky bluegrass has been a resource drain in residential neighborhoods—and it’s time for a change.

RTF seed and sod

Appleseed Lawn is pleased to introduce rhizomatous tall fescue (RTF) sod and seed to the Ottawa area. This thick, beautiful grass is pest-resistant, doesn’t need to be watered often, and naturally fends against invasive weeds. For these reasons, your RTF lawn will:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Stay beautiful

Natural alkaloids: The best insect deterrent

Since Ontario passed a province-wide pesticide ban, lawn companies have struggled to provide the
insect damage-free lawns they promise customers. That’s because the industry has been missing the point for a long time. Killing insects is a band-aid solution. Instead, RTF grass produces natural alkaloids beneath the soil that damage-causing insects dislike. Your lawn will stay free of insect damage—we guarantee it.

Compost-based fertilizer

If the best way to fend off insects is by growing a thick RTF lawn, then it is important to make sure that lawn is getting the best fertilizer to promote growth beneath the soil.

Appleseed Lawn works with field-leading soil biologists to develop high-quality compost, humates, and other amendments that bolster rhizome growth.

Our compost-based fertilizer system is all-natural, so there is no big burst of growth—and you won’t be mowing the lawn as often. It will break up and add structure to clay and soil, promoting rhizome growth at greater depths, and ultimately, increasing your lawn’s capacity for water storage.

OUR Grass

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