RTF: The Better Lawn

Rhizomatous tall fescue (RTF) is a thick, durable grass that looks similar to traditional turf, but has a number of benefits that other grasses do not.

RTF grass produces rhizomes, stems that grow beneath the soil surface. These rhizomes extend outward to create a complex, interlacing network of life. They then shoot up to surface and create new blades of grass. This is why RTF grass is so thick—grass quickly springs up to fill holes and patchy areas in your lawn.

So, how is this different from traditional turf?

Traditional lawns made of Kentucky bluegrass (KBG) also have rhizomes, which is why they look nice. However, KBG has a very shallow root system. RTF roots can grow up to six-feet deep, creating a much more dynamic and durable grass. 

Save time!

Let’s face it—nobody wants to spend their leisure time doing yard work. Sure, it’s nice to get outside and enjoy the sun at the beginning of Spring, but that novelty wears off—and free time runs out. RTF turf cuts down on maintenance, so you can spend more time doing what you love. 

RTF grass stays green for far longer and rarely needs to be watered. The roots reach down into the earth to find water when rain isn’t providing enough, and only need to be nurtured by homeowners if there has been a long period of time between rainfalls.

Your new RTF lawn won’t have to be mowed nearly as often, either. Since so much of the grass’ nutrients are used to stimulate growth beneath the soil, the grass blades don’t grow upward as quickly. Instead, the grass devotes its energy to bolstering thin areas of the lawn. The grass has a maximum height of 12 inches—half that of traditional Kentucky bluegrass lawns.

Save money!

Watering and mowing your lawn cuts into your free time, but that’s not the only drawback—both chores cost money. Water, gas and electricity bills (depending on your lawn mower) both run up your utility expenses during the summer months.

Although Appleseed Lawn has sod available, you can save money by seeding your lawn instead. It only takes 8-12 days for RTF seeds to germinate, so you will watch your lawn spring into brilliant life in just three weeks. 

More beautiful!

Once Appleseed has renovated your property, you’ll agree that nothing compares to the deep, thick greens of an RTF lawn. Thanks to those rhizomes, your lawn will thicken and repair itself where needed, and nasty grubs and chinch bugs won’t be able to move in—we guarantee it, or we’ll replace it at no cost.

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